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Sexual Health with Dee

Sexual Health with Dee



Hello! I'm Dee and I am a Sexual Health Educator 🌻
I'm passionate about empowering youth through education that is inclusive, relatable and free of judgment.


“Ms. Stacey presented as relaxed, confident and knowledgeable. Her presence put students at ease and encouraged participation. She displayed very strong cultural awareness and was relatable to the age group (16-19). She was open and responsive to questions and concerns, always responding appropriately and non-judgmentally. Her teaching style was clear and direct and easy to understand. Her knowledge base was strong enough to expower adults in the room as well.”

-Dan Siney
Youth Care Counsellor
Cedar Walk Alternate Secondary School

“I learned so much and now know how to talk to my daughter”

- Participant
Parent/Caregiver Sexual Health Group

“They were hanging off her words. She has such an amazing way of connecting with people.”

-Jenny Malcolm
Clinical Counsellor

“We are so grateful for Dee! Students love her warmth, accessibility and knowledge. She covers material in an engaging, informative way and can respond to any question that's thrown at her. A huge asset to any classroom.”

-Jill White
Total Education Program

“Dee used humour and visual cues to explain her knowledge base and connect with the youth. She was able to captivate a difficult audience and educate difficult material.”

-Amy Mitchell
Program Manager
Cedar Walk Alternate Secondary School

“Dee exceeded our expectations with the knowledge she delivered. She approached our challenging group with patience, humility, and understanding. She was exceptionally "human" in her approach and I'm not sure that any other educator could have had the positive impact that she did because of the type of open-minded and flexible educator that she is”

-Jesse Caswell
Sunrise Alternate


Where can you find dee

Alternate and Alternative High Schools

Cedar Walk
East Vancouver Education Centre
Genesis Central, Genesis Northeast, Genesis South
South Vancouver Learning Centre
Total Education

Youth Hubs, Non-profits and Colleges

Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC)
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT)
PLEA’s ONYX Program
PCRS’ Youth Day Treatment Program
South Vancouver Youth Centre (SVYC)
Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA)
- Mediation and Clinical Counselor
- Mentorship
- Native Youth Health and Wellness Centre
- Native Youth Learning Centre
- School Support
- Young Bears Lodge
- 2Spirit Collective
YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Resource


Real Talk: Pizza Parties for folks with cognitive disabilities to start conversations about sex, dating and relationships. Register for free at

Sexual Health Night at UNYA’s Native Youth Health and Wellness Centre: Biweekly casual hangouts and games to educate youth and connect to healthcare


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